Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wisdom tooth

Wow, I can't believe its been this long since I wrote on here! Well since spring is finally here sort of, we've been busy clearing and pruning outside and it's been really great getting out there. One crappy thing this week is I have to get a wisdom tooth out on friday, ugh! Hopefully all will go well and I won't have too much pain!(I can dream right?) It all started last thursday my mouth was just killing me and I had a feeling that it was because of this tooth, but I toughed it out the rest of thurs and friday, by saturday I was in so much pain and I could barely open my mouth! So I went to emerg, to make sure it wasn't an absess and he must have seen how much pain I was in cause the doc put me on antibiotics,600mg of ibuprofin AND T3's. I can tell you I definitely wasn't feeling much of anything the rest of sat and sun!! Anyways on Monday it was feeling a bit better (even without the painkillers) and went to see the dentist and so there you go I'm getting it out on Friday.Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Well yesterday was my 28th birthday, I had a nice day, pretty mellow and relaxing. My sister Charlotte is here for a few days and she made dinner for all of us and also a beautiful birthday cake mmmmmm yummy! Thanks Charlotte!! After dinner and kids were in bed, Pat, Charlotte, mom and I played trivial pursuit dvd pop culture. On Sunday it was Easter of course and we had Auntie Kim over for the weekend so she was here to colour eggs and to have an egg hunt. Here they all are with all their booty

Gabe colouring easter eggs!

MMMMM Chocolate!!!! Gabe is an addict just like his mom!

After we read the Real Easter story and had a good discussion about Jesus and the resurrection, Pa t took the girls up to the ski hill cause it was the second to last day and they had the Big Splash ( when crazy people try to ski across a large pond which is not frozen over!) and the Dummy Downhill (People make "dummies"or statues and send them down a portion of the ski hill and over a large jump to see how far they go or how big they crash) Here's a picture of the girls beside one of the dummies:

And another one,

Here's a picture of Stella our 9 month old puppy!
After Pat and the girls got home we all had a turkey dinner, so all in all a good weekend and birthday. Sorry, I have to go now but will write again later hopefully!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is here, FINALLY!

Wow I can't believe it's been so long since I was on here! Well the last time I posted below was some pictures that I didn't have a chance to write about, so here goes, the green cookies are St. Patty's day cookies I made for the kids and were a big hit (they were just chocolate chip cookies that I added food colouring to) But I think they were a bigger hit the next day when their poop was green!!! ( I don't think the green pancakes for dinner helped that either :)
The other pictures are of the last friday of spring break that I took all five kids to lakeside park. It was wonderful weather, the only bummer was that Gabe wasn't feeling well. We had a great day, the kids played on the playground for awhile and then we went down to the beach and they all played in the sand.

So that's that and what have we been up to since? A bunch of stuff, last weekend we did a lot of work in the yard, raking leaves left from fall, and had a bonfire, roasted weenies etc. and the weather this week has just been gorgeous! Loving it as the kids and I have been outside all afternoon all week. Oh and we got the trampoline all set up last weekend so the kids have been on there almost constantly! I have been really tired all week and I think it has to do with all the wonderful fresh air we've been getting.
I did a scrapbook page last week and I'm really happy about that cause it's been awhile since I've
done any pages. That's all the thoughts I have for now and its getting late so I'm off to bed.



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