Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, right now I'm helping organize our 10 yr reunion in July, trying to figure out how to get my upgrading done so that I can go back to school in Sept of 2010, doing daycare every day, as well as all the other day to day things of laundry, dishes, cooking etc for five people. Am I crazy? Some days I feel like I'm going crazy. It's not like I'm physically busy all day every day, but my mind is tired of having all these things to think about! I need a month long vacation I think :) Oh well, thats life.
I'm ecstatic that I finished the album I made for a wedding gift. (the wedding was last October!) I think it turned out really well, I'll have to take some pictures of it and post it on here as well as the layouts I did at the retreat. My camera and computer aren't getting along so I'm trying to sort that all out. For some reason the computer will only upload half of the pictures I've taken on the camera and says the rest are duplicates (even though they're not)


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