Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Pictures!!

Well I finally have some newer pictures to show you all!
This of course is Cadence and Nyla in the garden,

Gabe at the park on Canada Day,

Cadence (our Baywatch babe) being very brave in the freezing water on Canada Day,

Nyla at the park on Canada Day,

Gabe (lounging)and grandma in her kayak when we went camping last weekend. We couldn't believe how relaxed he was in it. I swear he could stay in here all day!!

Cadence and Stella having a cuddle,

Grandma and Cady on her scooter (grandmas not Cadys:)

Well I hope you enjoyed the latest pics, I shall be back soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

July already!!

Well, I can't believe its almost the middle of July already! We're all having a great summer so far, this past weekend we went camping at Lost Ledge and it was lovely, a gorgeous, no cloud in the sky, day. We all spent the day on the beach and relaxed and swam. The weekend before, Pat and I had our ten year high school reunion, (I know, can you believe it!) And even though the turn out was kind of dissappointing, we had a great time. Heck I always have a good time if it involves the kids at a babysitter, a few "adult beverages" and some music I can dance to! I'll try to get some pictures up on here soon too as I know that is the main reason a lot of you check this blog out:)


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