Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Year and a look at the old year

So, I said I would have some pics on here soon, better late than never eh? Well I've been having issues with my photo software on our computer so it has taken me a lot longer than expected. I will try to get the issues sorted out soon so I can have more up.

We had a really great Christmas holidays and really busy too, the first weekend the kids and I went to Calgary to visit Sherry (Pat's sister) and her four kids. We all had a great time visiting and it amazed me how well all the cousins played together, there is quite the age differences as Sherry's eldest is 12 and youngest is 6, but they all had a blast. I had a nice visit with Sherry and her boyfriend (now fiance) Clint. Sherry and I even got a chance to go Christmas shopping by ourselves!! Can you believe it?

can you guess what Nylas favorite prezzie was?

and Gabes?

So cute!

Unfortuately our baby boy took a tumble on New Years Eve and ended up with this poor face. The poor thing, but a bonus is that it isn't broken!


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