Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Operation DD scraproom edition

Well, I'm finally getting back to doing the operation DD! Last weekend I worked on my "scraproom". Our house is mostly open plan and this area is on the main floor, but while being nice and accessible, was always a mess of works in progress. Not very nice for doing showings for selling our house :)

That window faces our trampoline so it's nice to keep tabs on the kidlets while letting the creative juices flow:)

Also part of our library/den area,

And fairly organized, notice my labelled photo albums, also called storage albums in library of memories talk :) The bins on the left hold my embellishments organized by colour.

Have you been organizing lately? Tomorrow I'll show pictures of my "new" scraproom :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finding Photo Freedom

I am so excited for June 2nd! Why, You ask? Because that is the first day of the online class I just signed up for called Finding Photo Freedom. It was written and made by a woman named Stacy Julian and I just love her! I actually took her class last year when it was called Library of Memories and I was so happy I did because it totally changed the way I scrapbook and also how often. This past year I've done the most scrapbooking I've ever done and I credit it to taking Stacy's class. I love how organized my pictures have been since then and I can't wait to see how Stacy changed things up a bit for this years class. If you are curious about Stacy or her class, you can check her out by clicking on her blog link on the right under"My Blog List" or, for her class, click on the button on the right "Finding Photo Freedom".
Now I'm off to check out what I have to do for pre-class work, should be fun!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fun at the Fair!

Spring just wouldn't be spring without the fair coming to town :) On Friday evening we all went with Grandpa and Grandma Bev to check it out and try out some of the rides. The kids, of course, had a blast and one of their favorite rides were these spinning berries;

The kids all decided to have their own car on the train (it wasn't very busy yet) and Grandpa's favorite was the bumper cars although we didn't get a picture of that. I might have screamed a little bit on a ride called the octopus, but just a little ;) (I tend to scream on almost all rides)

Gabe was so cute waving wildly to us every time he went around!

I can't believe how grown up our girls are getting, sigh.

We had nice weather all weekend (finally!) so on Saturday I kicked the kids outside and they played out there literally ALL DAY. It was wonderful! Sunday was really nice too and we spent the day tilling our garden (well Pat did, I picked out rocks,yippee!) and helping my mom build her deck and having a bonfire, which of course meant roasting weenies and marshmallows.
All in all it was an excellent weekend and I can't wait for summer and camping!


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