Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Busy Busy Week!

I have to warn you that this post has a LOT of pictures :) So maybe grab a cup of tea, or a snack and come along for the ride that was my week.

Starting out last Sunday (Father's Day) the kids and I made breakfast in bed for their daddy. Bacon, eggs, toast with peanut butter, orange slices and coffee, yum :)

I was amazed at the beautiful artwork the girls made at school for their daddy, Nyla's is the top one, it's a card for her dad and Cady's is the bottom one, she painted a picture for him (it is so cute, a daddy and kid dog with chicken pox :)
Below is a picture of the cute bird feeder Nyla made for her dad :)

   Tuesday, Nyla had her class field trip to a wonderful park in town and I got to go with them on the bus and Nyla asked me to sit with her :)

Her class got to spend some time at the beach as well as learned how to make pine needle baskets and play on the playground. We even got Dilly bars from Dairy Queen, yum!

Working together to make sand castles :)

Wednesday, the girls school had a day of fun for their principal who is leaving. The whole school did different stations of their principals favorite subjects and activities to do. Gabe had fun helping Nyla build with marshmallows and toothpicks :)

Cadence had fun with the building foams and squirting them down :)

And Gabe helped Nyla again:) Aren't they cute?

Today, Cadence worked on her monkey bar skills before soccer :)

Nyla's team kicked butt, winning 13-4! She improving so much this year and doing so well! (She's the one looking to the right )

And my silly Cadence who scored a goal today! Woohooo!

Between all that, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Cadence had her end of year gymnastics show (2 1/2hrs each night) I couldn't get any good pictures there because the building it is in has terrible lighting. Tuesday and Thursday night I worked as well as had my triathlon training. Thursday Nyla had soccer practice and Thursday and Friday, Nyla and Cady had their last swimming lessons. Then this morning the girls had their last soccer games for the summer. Whew! what a week, thankfully all the extra activities are finished and they only have 2 1/2 more days of school (they're done on Wednesday!??)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Updated Scraproom pictures

Last night I did my triathlon training course and Thursdays we do a run practice (Tuesdays we swim and Saturdays we bike) we did the whole running course which is 5 km and because I have such bad feet (bad pronation) I am always sore the next day. Well today I can barely walk so I figured I may as well sit and update my blog a little bit :) Thank goodness the run portion is the last thing we do during the tri :)
So, anyways I found my camera finally (it was squeezed in between the cushions on the couch ?? hmmm) and took some pics of my new scrapping area. It is in a small room in the basement where the playroom is as well so it's a bit squishy, but so far it works. My idea is that for the summer, we will do our outings in the mornings (beach, spray park, library, etc) and then during the heat of the day we can hide out in the nice cool basement and the kids can play/ do artwork and I can scrap. Yay! I've been reading
 and getting really inspired! I love books about decorating/organizing and scrapbooking so what could be better than all three together? So here it is, not completely organized and pretty yet, but hopefully you will enjoy.....

My stuff takes up one wall, and the kids get the rest of the room :)

I like to organize my supplies by colour so each square bin represents the colour of stuff within. Although I want to change this a bit for a few reasons 1) the store doesn't have all the colours I need like yellow, purple and black and white 2) it looks too mish mash and I'd like it to look all uniform. Oh what I wouldn't give for an Expedit!! The boxes on the shelf above? The colourful one and the black one are my category drawer and my cold storage. Yes I only have one category drawer, but it is almost full so almost time to shop for another :) and on the left you can see a few of my storage albums. ( all the terms; category drawers, cold storage and storage albums are from LOM or Photo Freedom)

View from the other side.

My desk aka where the magic happens :)

                                                     My two youngest playing in the playroom half (please don't mind the mess picture was taken on a real day :)

Playing playmobil, I love when my kids play playmobil (and Lego!)

Gabe on his last day of soccer this week

I love this boy :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Go Canucks Go!!!!

We are watching the big game and cheering for our boys in blue! We are all Canucks fans, are you?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Already?!!

I cannot believe how fast the month of may flew by!! Well actually I can sort of, we have been so busy with soccer, gymnastics, school, swimming, work, and I decided to join a beginners training for a triathlon in August! Oh my what have I done? Actually, so far I am really enjoying it and doing better than I expected I must say. You can check it out here.

Last weekend, er the last weekend in May, I was lucky enough to attend a scrapbooking retreat. It was so nice and relaxing and productive! I got nine pages done! And that was done even though I left for about six hours on the Saturday to help build a playground in our community. Such a great weekend. I wanted to take some pictures but I can't seem to find my camera so I found these pictures from the last time I went to this retreat two years ago (it doesn't look much different)

This is the view from the ferry ride on the way over. (yes folks, the longest free ferry ride in the world is out my backdoor!) Isn't it beautiful?!

This one above is from the beach below the lodge where we scrapped and stayed.

And this one is taken from the deck, looking the other direction from the picture up top. I am so lucky I know!

So hopefully I can find my camera for some pictures of my new scrap space I promised you and of our kitchen which is now done!


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