Friday, April 17, 2015

We got chicks!

Spring is here! Yay!
I'm so excited, this week we got our first chicks! These little gals are going to be our egg layers. They are so fluffy and cute! They are a heritage blend and some are possibly roosters so we'll have to see in a few weeks what we have. We started with 10 and so far (fingers crossed!) we haven't lost any. Their names I believe are, Alvin, Simon and Theodore (the ones with the stripes on their backs and look like chipmunks ;-) Miss Henny-penny, Furby, Peckles, Shadow, Snugglebug and.....I can't remember the last two, I'll have to ask the kids when they get home from school :-)

My little greenhouse is all jammed full of little seedlings and that makes me soooo happy! 

 Hope your weekend is sunny and springy!

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