About Sam

My name is Sam and I'd like to welcome you to my family blog!

My family consists of myself, my husband Pat, our three wonderful kids; Nyla, Cadence and Gabriel, and our dog Stella.

 We currently live in a log house outside a small town in British Columbia, Canada

On here you will find things that are going on in our lives as well as some of MY(after all, I'm writing this thing :) main interests which include scrapbooking (love Project Life!), baking, reading, home decorating amd homesteading.

 This is my dear wonderful hubby Pat.

He is a wonderful dad too :) He loves to ski and hang out with his family and friends.

 He also volunteers for our local fire department and I am so proud of him for doing that.

These are our three lovely kids, Cadence, Gabriel and Nyla.
They also love to ski (that is downhill snow skiing btw)

Cadence (Cady) is our bundle of energy and she is my reminderer of all things I seem to forget :)

Gabriel (Gabe) is a real sweet little guy who loves to torment his older sisters and do "guy stuff" with his dad and grandpas. Although he is definitely a bit of a mama's boy too :)

                                                                                     Nyla is the eldest and has a great love of animals           (especially cats!) She is also an avid reader and it's nearly impossible to get her nose out of a book once it's in there :)

Well I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about us and thanks so much for stopping by! Please feel free to leave a comment or you can email me with any questions or comments at KozyKabinKoots@yahoo.com.

Have a great day!


EliSa said...

What a beautiful family! And you live in a wonderful place...

Sam said...

Thank you! And yes we are very lucky to live in such a great place :)


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